Reddit’s Contributor Program offers you a “golden” opportunity

Reddit’s Contributor Program offers you a “golden” opportunity
Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

Reddit introduced its new Contributor Program, marking its latest strategy to invigorate and expand its user base following the earlier debates surrounding its API modifications. This initiative is designed to incentivize those who enrich the Reddit community with valuable content.

Your karma count matters here. For instance, accounts boasting a karma range of 100 to 4,999 can expect to receive $0.90 for every gold they secure. However, the moment that karma crosses the 5,000 threshold, the rate bumps up to $1 for each gold. It’s worth noting: to reap these rewards, a user must accumulate a minimum of 10 gold within a month. If not, this tally simply extends to the succeeding month.


How does Reddit’s Contributor Program work?

With the introduction of the new Reddit Gold system, it takes a central stage in the broader context of the Contributor Program.

The revamped gold mechanism allows users to purchase gold by long-pressing the upvote button on mobile devices or hovering over it on the desktop. Reddit has rolled out six varied options for gold purchases, ranging from a single gold purchase at $1.99 to a bundle of 25 gold for $49. Once you bestow gold, the comment or post will feature what’s termed a “golden upvote.”

In contrast, the old system offered a myriad of awards alongside Reddit gold, with some tailored specifically for particular subreddits. However, as of September 12th, Reddit Coins have been phased out, rendering them obsolete for gold awards in this updated framework.

Importantly, bagging a golden upvote might boost your prospects in the Contributor Program. Upon meeting the program’s eligibility and undergoing the verification steps, your monthly compensation will hinge on the accumulated gold and karma from qualified contributions.

Here’s the rundown:

  • Kickstart by checking your eligibility and applying to be a part of this novel program.
  • Shower gold on those standout posts, remarks, or any contribution that resonates with you.
  • Once you’ve gathered ample karma and gold, eligible members can cash in on their Reddit fame.
  • Scale the heights of contribution. As you amass more karma and gold, your financial rewards escalate.

How to learn if you are eligible?

Want in? It’s not an open house. Only those who align with the Contributor Terms and Contributor Monetization Policy make the cut.

  • Consistent gold and karma accumulation is key.
  • You need to be 18 or above and reside in the U.S.
  • Submit essential verification details.
  • Ensure your contributions are Safe for Work.
  • Your Reddit account should be at least a month old.

Every month, participants in the program will receive their earnings in U.S. Dollars. To facilitate this, all participants must complete the requisite tax forms to obtain payments for their Reddit posts submitted under this initiative.

Moreover, to receive these payments, Reddit mandates users to have a verified Stripe account, their selected payment partner. However, Reddit holds the right to modify this choice at its own discretion.

Starting Monday, the Contributor Program is set to launch, and it will be accessible both via the web and through Reddit’s mobile applications. By taking a look at your profile, you can easily determine whether you meet the criteria to undergo verification for this initiative.

Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

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