Riot Games hacked: Valorant and other games updates delayed

Riot Games hacked: Valorant and other games updates delayed
Leri Koen

Leri Koen

Riot Games, th company that brought us, League of Legends, Valorant, and many others, has been hacked. While the developers at Riot Games are still in the process of investigating the effects of the hack, they’ve let players know that there may be delays with patches and updates across many of their games.


Riot Games announced the hack on Friday evening via Twitter. Along with the announcement, the team also assured players that they’ll keep them up to date concerning the investigation. The security breach occurred in their production and development environment, hence one of the reasons for delays in rolling out new updates.

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The team also announced that no player information was lost or accessed during the attack. The hack affected production, however, which is affecting the creation of new upgrades and improvements. While the team is still investigating what games have been affected, it’s clear that League of Legends and Valorant will see delays. This hack affects updates introducing new elements, as well as patches to fix bugs and vulnerabilities.

Another game that also has confirmed delays is Teamfight Tactics. Players were expecting an update with balance changes for battle. However, Riot Games announced that the release of this patch will also be delayed due to the recent hack. The developers are working on a hotfix to address the most meaningful modification until they’re able to release the full patch. 

Riot Games also admitted to players that they don’t have all the answers yet, but that they want to keep everyone affected in the loop with what is happening following the breach. This is a nice change of pace compared to other businesses that want to hide a breach or hack for as long as possible.


Riot Games isn’t the first large company to face a breach of security this year, Paypal is another company that’s already suffered a hack. While many players tend to get panicked, there are steps that you can take to ensure your online security and protect you against these threats. 

The first thing you should do is to ensure that all of your accounts have strong and unique passwords. If you’re scared that you’ll forget all the different passwords, then make use of a secure password manager. Along with this, you can add another layer of security and online anonymity by using a VPN or proxy. While this doesn’t protect the information you give to platforms, it does make you difficult to track and therefore difficult to become part of a bigger attack.

Not sure if your accounts are safe? That’s not a problem. With more platforms requiring login and personal information, it’s easy to forget all the accounts you have and monitor breaches on those accounts. In this situation, you can use haveIbeenpwned to check whether your credentials were involved in a breach.

Breaches and hacks are becoming increasingly frequent, and no one is truly safe from these attacks. As such, it’s essential for businesses and individuals alike to do everything they can to protect their data. Using strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and being aware of what you share online is a good place to start.

Leri Koen

Leri Koen

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