Rumor: Facebook ‘Paper’ could be a Flipboard competitor

Rumor: Facebook ‘Paper’ could be a Flipboard competitor

Facebook is apparently about to launch a new product called “Paper,” which would compete with news readers like Flipboard. The social network is hoping users will be more engaged using Paper than its traditional News Feed. The updated News Feed still hasn’t rolled out to all Facebook users due to the fact that Facebook found users to be less engaged with the new News Feed. Paper has the potential to increase engagement by mixing traditional news sources like The New York Times and The Washington Post with content from users’ Facebook News Feed for a personalized news experience.

According to Recode, a source within Facebook has revealed that the product will either be a mobile app or web experience tailored to mobile devices. Its sources also reveal the internal project name, Project Reader, which began years ago as a project to overhaul the Facebook News Feed.

Facebook Paper is rumored to be released at the end of this month.

Source: Recode


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