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Security: How Safe is Bluetooth Transfer?

Bluetooth is one of the most convenient methods of sharing data and has been a great way to do neat things with your phone for a long time, but it can also be used to steal valuable information. If you’re going to use SHAREit and Bluetooth, you need to know how to stay safe and ensure that hackers aren’t able to access your PC or digital devices. Read the following to learn how you can protect yourself.

Bluetooth is Not Secure

In and of itself, Bluetooth, as a technology, is not secure. Just like any wireless signal, Bluetooth sends data through the air where it can be intercepted by the wrong people. The security in using Bluetooth actually comes at the device level. Things like Bluetooth headsets or receivers in a mobile phone are the things that actually secure the data before it is sent out wirelessly. If these devices aren’t secure themselves, then your data isn’t secure either.

How Do Bluetooth Devices Provide Security?

There are a number of ways that Bluetooth devices provide security, and one of the most important is the pairing process. When you want to share files using Bluetooth, you will need to connect to the device where you want the files sent. To do this, both devices have to consent to the connection. This keeps people from being able to randomly connect to devices in public places.

Second, secure devices use 128-bit encryption and constantly change the frequency that is being used to send and receive data. This keeps hackers from being able to access data as it is sent through the air, both by keeping the data locked up and by keeping it moving up and down so that it can’t be pinpointed.

Lastly, you can turn your Bluetooth device off so that it can’t be discovered. In order for you to be able to connect with a compatible device, your device has to be in discoverable mode. By taking it out of discoverable mode, no other device will be able to detect it, let alone steal information via Bluetooth.

What Devices Can You Trust?

When it comes to whether or not you can trust a Bluetooth device, there are a few things that indicate the device is secure. First, you can ensure that the device is paired only with your Bluetooth device by receiving a pairing code. This is a unique code that is sent from one device to another, allowing consent. If you suddenly receive a pairing request asking you to enter in a code and you haven’t made a request, there’s a good chance someone nearby is trying to con you into giving them access.

Next, you can designate certain devices as trusted devices. This is beneficial for when you want to automatically connect your home PC to your other Bluetooth devices without having to go through the pairing process each time.

Finally, you can read through the literature that comes with your Bluetooth devices to ensure that 128-bit encryption is being used.

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