Watch Rockstar’s first gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2

The first gameplay action for Rockstar’s hotly anticipated sequel to Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar has followed the same unveiling path for Red Dead Redemption 2 as it did for Grand Theft Auto 5. First, we got the teaser, then we got the trailer, and now today we finally got the first glimpse of gameplay. Check it out below:

RDR2 will launch on the October 26, and the title is hotly anticipated. Information about Rockstar’s first game since GTA 5 has been slowly leaking onto the internet since Rockstar first announced back in October 2018. What we’ve learned so far is:

  • The game will be a prequel and is set in 1899, a full 12 years before the events of the first Red Dead Redemption.
  • John Marston is back, but we won’t be playing as him this time around.
  • Red Dead 2 will tell the story of Arthur Morgan, an outlaw running with Dutch van der Linde’s gang in the waning days of the Wild West.
  • Rockstar has confirmed that the Honor system will be returning from the first game. The decisions you make will affect how people react to you.
  • There will be a more robust hand-to-hand combat system than the one we had in the first game.
  • The dead-eye system is back and better than ever.

We still don’t know if there will be a PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2, but if there is enough demand, Rockstar will eventually cave.

What do you think of the first gameplay action of Red Dead Redemption 2? Are you excited for the game will you be buying it on October 26? We can’t wait.

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