Simple tips to get more out of Firefox

Simple tips to get more out of Firefox

Firefox basic tipsAfter having used Firefox for so many years, I couldn’t browse the web with anything else. I’ve been able to completely customize it to my needs so it almost feels like I designed this program myself. But I know there are hundreds of new users coming to Firefox everyday, so I thought it would be a good idea to explain some basic tips to the make the most of this excellent browser.

First of all, use extensions. Here at Softonic we have a large selection to choose from. Just bear in mind that having too many of them may affect the browser’s performance. Choose wisely and keep the three or four extensions that you like best. My personal picks would be Tab Mix Plus to manage tabs more efficiently, Gmail Manager to check my Gmail account and Download Statusbar for improved downloads.

Second, use keyboard shortcuts. It’s simpler and quicker than the mouse, believe me. Some of the most important shortcuts in Firefox are Ctrl+T to open a new tab, Ctrl+Tab to move between tabs, Ctrl+K to make the search field active, Ctrl+D to save the current page in your bookmarks, Ctrl+H to display your history and Ctrl+J to show the downloads window.

Last, but not least, improve performance with Firetune. This extension tweaks some hidden settings (no technical knowledge required) and makes Firefox to run faster and more smoothly, especially in mid- and high-spec computers.

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