Sling comes to Palm

sling-media-icon-1.pngLast year, the word on the street was that Palm seemed to be losing ground to its competitiors when it came to bleeding-edge multimedia applications. Remote TV viewing app, Sling, wasn’t realeased on Palm initially and it looked like its developers, along with other big firms, were abandoning Palm despite its large user base.

Yesterday, Slingmedia did something to dismiss fears of Palm’s total demise by finally releasing the public beta of their Palm client, which was confirmed at CES in January. Designed to run on the popular Treo 700p, Sling for Palm includes the same features as the Windows Mobile edition, released last year. Performance is pretty good: averaging at 15 frames per second and 150kbs bitrate.

Chris at Uneasy Silence probably has the best insight into the client, having been testing the private beta for several weeks. He’s done a nice walkthrough with a video showing the client working on his Treo.

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