Software apps for not so geeky hobbies

Software apps for not so geeky hobbies

Basket of yarnPersonal computing has given rise to new hi-tech hobbies such as playing videogames, blogging, editing photos all sorts of digital artistry. However, more traditional hobbies maintain a place in our lives, now kindly supported by software applications that make them even more enjoyable.

Popular pastimes like sudokus and crosswords have quickly been adapted to the digital life with their correspondent PC versions, such as Just Sudoku and Crossword Forge. Other paper-based hobbies like designing paper planes or creating coloring books are also available as software tools.

If you feel on the creative side, try learning piano with MidiPiano or practising guitar chords with Guitar Guru. After your music lesson, you can take a look at JigSawedME to create and solve jigsaw puzzles, or use LEGO Digital Designer to play with Lego blocks, like you used to just a few years ago. If you prefer needles, you can create your own cross-stitch patterns with Stitch Creator or even visit this website to convert any image into a PDF knitting chart.

Finally, there’s also room for obsessive collectors. Whether it is coins, stamps, books or famous quotes that you’re collecting, just choose the appropriate application and enjoy!

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