Software that makes smart use of iSight

Cyril Roger


iSightAlmost gone are the days when you had to limit yourself to text chat to communicate with your friends. Now all the latest Mac computers include an in-built iSight camera, with which you can enjoy high quality live video chats with your friends and family. That means you can forget about wires and cables, finding where to attach your webcam or worrying about having the right drivers.

Why limit yourself to simple video chats though? There’s a plethora of applications with which you can become creative with your iSight camera, from monitoring and preventing the theft of your computer to adding cool effects to your video chats. Here is a selection of 10 different programs that make smart use of your iSight. Maybe you’ll find some use for your webcam that you hadn’t thought of previously.

  • iAlertU – Uses the built-in motion sensor and iSight to trigger a noisy alarm, which hopefully will frighten away burglars.
  • Iris – Add some fun filters to iSight and create slideshows with webcam snaps.
  • iGlasses – Control settings in iSight like manual focus, mirror image or night vision.
  • Dream Recorder – Can record you while you sleep, to analyze your slumber.
  • iTwist n’ Go – Set keyboard shortcuts to better control iSight.
  • Periscope – Capture all activity going on in front of your Mac.
  • FunBooth – Add props like funny sunglasses or goofy noses to your video chats.
  • iChat Borderless – A streamlined iTunes look to replace the traditional iChat interface.
  • Wirecast – Create webcasts with titles, transitions and overlays.
  • Undercover – If your Mac ever gets stolen, this app will use iSight to record the thief discreetly and send his network information to you.

If, like me, you still have an older Mac at home which doesn’t include an iSight camera, and have decided to buy an external webcam I suggest installing macam, which gives support to almost all models of USB cameras on the market.

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