Software to get you through Lent

Get 'em down you while you still can!Today is pancake day, which means it’s time to gorge yourself silly on sweet, sweet fat. It also means that tomorrow is the start of Lent, when all good Christians make an oath to give something up for 40 days. It’s an honourable thing to do, though obviously it can be difficult to quit something you enjoy for such a long time. You can give yourself a bit of a helping hand though, and as far as I’m aware it doesn’t say anything in the Bible about not using computer applications to assist you in your fasting. Here are a selection of tools to help rid yourself of your vice of choice:

  • AntiSmoke – Stub out the ciggies with this nicotine-busting aid
  • Sober Time – Monitor your progress in your battle to lay off the grog
  • Calorie Balance Tracker – Fast in safety with this nutritional guide
  • UsefulRest – Are you a workaholic? This program helps you take time out
  • ConnTroll – Why not restrict your Internet access for the duration of Lent?
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