Software to help you with homework

Software to help you with homeworkWhen I was a child I used to have quite good marks (that is, except for Maths). I always counted on my older sister to help me out though – you know, computers were not that popular back then. However things have changed a lot lately and the PC has become a reliable source of help for today’s children and their homework.

Leaving almighty Google aside, there are a bunch of software apps you can use – or teach your children how to use – to help with homework. The most obvious ones are calculators, from the Windows standard one to more advanced editions such as Excalibur, Calctor or Graphing Calculator 3D, with support for plotting graphs. Still on the Science side, unit converters are also extremely useful. There are dozens of them available, my personal favorite being Versaverter. Finally, the periodic table is also a recurrent topic in educational tools. They help children to memorize it and usually include extended information about each chemical element. PL Table and EniG. Periodic Table are just a couple of good periodic table apps.

Going over to the Arts side you’ll also find help in software. Language is another popular niche in educational apps, with dictionaries and translators willing to help kids out, whether they’re studying a foreign language or trying to improve vocabulary in their own. But that’s not all. Children can also go over their basic Geography and – why not – learn how to type which, despite not being a school subject in itself, is going to be very useful throughout your child’s life.

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