Software to manage your credit cards

Software to manage your credit cards

Credit CardCredit spending is very much in the news at the moment due to the credit crunch that is taking place in the USA that’s slowly spreading elsewhere. If you’re someone who maxes out your cards as soon as you’ve received them or just have trouble managing your credit spending, then there is a range of software designed to help stop your plastic from melting down.

Credit Repair Planner is a useful tool that helps you schedule repayments on several credit cards at the same time. It’s designed to ensure that you get all your cards down to 50% of their limits in the most cost effective way possible by transferring balances depending on what interest rates each card charges. Credit Card Tracking is a slightly more dated tool which allows you to track credit card spending so you don’t go too wild in the aisles and it’s particularly useful if you have a business expense account.

If you’re looking for something that takes into account other spending as well as your credit cards then HomeMoneyManager is an award winning piece of software that’s designed for large families that are trying to get a grip on all their incomings and outgoings. The same goes for Money Manager which can help you offset credit card debts by taking into account your savings and working out whether it’s prudent to use them to pay off your cards and by exactly how much.

Although credit cards are commonplace nowadays, remember that having one requires responsible spending that no amount of software can help you with. If you’re thinking about getting one or want to know the ins and outs of having one, check out this brief guide.

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