Software to spy on your spouse

Software to spy on your spouse

Magnifying Glass - an essential tool for any sleuthThe anonymity and growth of the internet have opened up a new avenue for those who are tempted to cheat on their spouses. There are literally thousands of dating sites and lonely hearts forums out there where your partner could seek solace when things are going badly. A while back Tom took a look at general surveillance software for all kinds of scenarios but online cheating has become something of a niche industry in itself.

It’s painful to suspect that something may be going on behind your back and it’s even harder without any concrete evidence. If your spouse is spending increasing amounts of time at the PC, or sneaking off to use it at any given chance, then you may suspect that something is going on. One excellent tool for discreetly tracking every aspect of their activity is PC James Bond 007. This all encompassing spying package tracks everything from keystrokes to Instant Messenger chats. It covers most of the major clients although it can’t record phonecalls but it does work completely discreetly with no trace anywhere in Add/Remove programs or in your system tray.

If it is messenger chats that you’re particularly concerned about and PC James Bond doesn’t cover yours, then try Messenger Detect which automatically detects and records any type of instant messenger chat made across your LAN. If this still doesn’t do the job, then Win-Spy Monitor is the most powerful solution as it records absolutely any keystroke made on your PC including messages typed into other applications.

E-mails meanwhile are much harder to spy on especially on webmail such as Hotmail or Gmail because of the encryption they use to prevent unauthorised access to accounts. One program that may be able to help however is Email Spy Pro which can capture both mail from POP3, SMTP and webmail based accounts. As regards webmail, it is frequently updated with plugins to support the latest webmail systems and encryptions although you may find the success rate very hit and miss.

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