Some tips about forwarding emails

Forwarding emailsForwarding emails is one of the first things we learn to do on the web. All the jokes, weird stories, urban legends and even hoaxes that we receive are quickly forwarded to our whole contact list without a second thought.

While this may be a fun activity for you, bear in mind that other people can have different tastes. Forwarding just about anything you receive is not very thoughtful, especially in the case of false virus alerts or fake sick children, just two mention two examples of hoaxes that often go around the web. Also, you should be careful with attachments: even in the era of giga-sized mailboxes a 10 MB email message is not the best way to share your favorite video clips.

One last tip for the compulsive email forwarder: it would be nice if you could clean the message before actually sending it, thus making it much easier to read. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend 15 minutes removing every single quote marker. There are apps like emailStripper or Quote Stripper that make the job for you. Simply copy the muddled text into the program’s window and it will clean it automatically for you. Easy as pie!

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