Start twittering with some Firefox extensions

twitter.jpgEver heard of (or used) Twitter? For the unitiated, the microblogging online service lets you post updates on what you’re up to and follow those of other users. Twitter was widely acclaimed during the past South by Southwest Festival and is largely used by geeks, marketers and journalists these days. It still has to completely break through to the general public though.

If you’re into blogging and want to take a plunge into micro-blogging but prefer doing it all from the safety of your PC you can install a number of Twitter related apps on your computer. The Twitterbar Extension for Firefox lets you post directly from your browser’s address bar, sufficient to stay under Twitter’s 140 character limit. TwittyTunes is another Firefox extension to use the microblogging service. However this one is a bit more limited as it only lets you post your currently playing songs in iTunes to Twitter. My favorite is probably TwitBin though. You can view friend or public listings, type your updates and easily refresh your content, all from the Firefox sidebar. Last but not least is triQQr. While not being a Firefox extension, this nifty application lets you post your twits straight from your desktop, see profiles and friend lists. That’s it, with this list of apps, you’re good to go and start twittering!

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