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6 things you need to know before starting Temtem

6 things you need to know before starting Temtem
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If you love collecting rare creatures and battling against rival tamers, Temtem is the RPG for you. Succeeding requires more than just looking up a Temtem tier list and having experience with similar games like Pokemon. Temtem has some unique mechanics that set it apart from other creature battling games, so it pays to do some research before you start.

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Keep reading our Temtem starter guide to discover the basics of playing Temtem and learn a few pro tips for starting the game.

Choose a starter that matches your playstyle

Much like Pokemon, one of the first things you’ll do in Temtem is pick between three starters. However, don’t make the mistake of just picking the cutest one. Each starter has different stats that suit different playstyles. Crystle is a solid choice if you play defensively, while Houchic is a great pick if you prefer to go on the offense. If you want a balanced blend of offense and defense, go with Smazee. A properly leveled-up starter can end up ranking fairly high on Temtem tier lists.

Pick from three starters

Catch as many Temtem as you can

In Temtem, your team is more important than any single individual creature. Battles are typically two against two, and you can swap your Temtem during battle to bring stronger creatures into play. If you don’t want to get stuck in a situation where your Temtems are all weak to your opponent’s Temtem types, you need as varied of a roster as possible.

Having more creatures makes battles easier

Research the Temtem creature types

It pays to be fully informed on how Temtem creatures work. First of all, each creature has its own bonus type and debuffs when fighting specific other types. Secondly, each creature has its own special attacks that give it the upper hand in a fight. Looking at some in-depth Temtem starter guides is helpful, but you at least need to know these basics:

  • Fire: Strong against nature and crystal; weak against water and earth
  • Water: Strong against fire, earth, and digital; weak against nature and toxic
  • Earth: Strong against fire, electric, and crystal; weak against water and nature
  • Crystal: Strong against electric and mental; weak against fire and earth
  • Mental: Strong against neutral and melee; weak against crystal
  • Melee: Strong against electric and mental; weak against fire and earth
Make sure to research creature stats

Always heal before moving and stock up on Balm

Due to the way Temtem encounters are designed, you should always heal before moving. Why is this so important? After each battle, any move could immediately put you into contact with your next opponent. To make sure you’re at maximum health for any encounters, heal up before you start moving. There are a few different options for healing, including visiting Temporiums and buying Balms. Balms are one of the best things to spend your money on in the early stages of the game. Unlike many other healing methods, they’re very portable.

Save up lots of healing items

Succeed at battle with these tips and tricks

In every Temtem battle, there will be a lot of action happening on screen at once. Understanding what all the colors and icons mean can help you win. First, take a look at the attack moves and status effects. Gray ones mean you have to wait for a few turns before using them and hovering over a move will tell you how much stamina it uses. You should also pay attention to attack circle colors. If the attack is red, it means the Temtem is resistant to that type of move.

The battle screen provides lots of info

Use items to make the game easier

Temtem is filled with special items, and it’s worthwhile to hunt these things down because they make gameplay a lot easier. For example, you can pick up Smoke Bombs in Brical de Mar and use them to fast travel. Another must-have item is the Coward’s Cloak. This quest reward from Arissola makes it faster to level up wild-caught Temtem.

Search for rare items in out-of-the-way spots

Final thoughts

These tips will help you explore the world of Temtem without constantly getting destroyed by opponents. By taking the time to strategize, you can set yourself up in a good position for higher-level quests. Interested in other similar games? Explore our top monster-catching games for Android.

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