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How to level up your creatures with Temtem training

How to level up your creatures with Temtem training
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In Temtem, your creature’s stats make a huge difference to combat outcomes. The right stats let you easily destroy your opponents and complete quests. Every Temtem comes with a base set of stats you can’t change. However, each creature also has Temtem training values. Called TVs for short, these adjustable stats add bonuses to things like health and stamina.


Want to level up your Temtem? You’ll need to know things like the best Temtem training courses. Keep reading to get our insider tips on Temtem training.

  1. Plan your stat adjustments

    Analyzing a set of stats in Temtem.

    Keep in mind that you can’t max out every stat for every Temtem. Instead, you are only able to earn a maximum of 1,000 TVs, and the max TV level for each stat is 500. It’s also important to know that every TV doesn’t create an immediate jump in stats. At higher stat levels, it may take five or six TVs to see a single stat point boost. So before you start, you’ll benefit from using a Temtem TV calculator to see how a proposed TV allocation will affect your stats. Plan carefully to avoid wasting TV on unnecessary stats.

    Some people like to use TVs to make up for defects in base stats. For example, if you had a Zaobian with fantastic Hit Points and Stamina but wimpy Special Defense (SPDEF), maxing out SPDEF TVs would create a well-balanced Temtem. Another option is carefully focusing on certain stats like Speed and Attack to make a Temtem that suits your unique play style. Whatever your preference, most players find that Attack, Hit Points, Stamina, and Defense are the TVs to prioritize.

  2. Raise your TVs with certain foods

    Buying food to boost TVs in Temtem.

    The simplest and most straightforward way of increasing Temtem Training Values is with special items. You feed your creatures candies, fruits, and smoothies, and they decrease or increase TVs. How do you get these helpful items? All you need to do is go to the FreshFruit Candy Stand, the Mokupuni Fruit Co-op, or Smerelda’s Smoothie Shop. The shops have an unlimited supply of TV-increasing food to feed your Temtem. This process is easy, but it’s pricey. It costs between 9,000 to 25,000 Pansuns to max out a single stat.

  3. Find the best places to train

    Finding a new location to train in Temtem.

    You are also able to gain TV by defeating other Temtem. Each creature has its own specific type of TV that it drops. Therefore, for each stat you want to raise, you’ll need to find Temtem training courses with a lot of creatures to fight. The right Temtem TV training locations will depend on which stat you want to boost. Here are some of the best spots to go for each Temtem TV stat.

    – Points (HP): Visit the cliff near the Airship Terminal in Iwaba and look around Pasiphae’s house in Sillaro River for Scarawatt and Saipat.

    – Stamina (STA): Go to the grassy cliff near Nuru Lodge in Jino Gap to battle Tateru.

    – Speed (SPD): Search for Mushi & Orphyll in the circular grass patch near the Wreck of the Narwhal in the Corrupted Badlands.

    – Attack (ATK): Mac Aed’s Crags has a grassy plain to the north of the Properton bridge. This is a great spot to farm Mitty.

    – Defense (DEF): For DEF, look for Lapinite on the pathways near Ocelotl’s home in the Mines of Mictlan.

    – Special Attack (SPATK): Visit the north part of the Xolotl Reservoir to find Toxolotl.

    – Special Defense (SPDEF): Fomu is a good Tem to look for when you need SPDEF. They’re often near the Mini-Temporium by the Sillaro River.

  4. Earn TVs faster with special equipment

    Using Temtem items to enhance your TV gains.

    Before you go out hunting at Temtem TV training locations, stock up on special equipment. There are several types of gear that increase the amount of TV gain you get from a single fight. Consider getting a Coward’s Cloak to equip weaker creatures. This gear lets them gain TVs without having to actually go on the battlefield. Another useful option is Proteins. This gear lets the holder double the amount of TV they gain.

Strategizing pays off in Temtem

With a little strategizing and a bit of grinding, it’s possible to create some truly fantastic Temtem creatures. The time spent battling for TVs or earning money to buy fruit and candy is definitely worth it. Want to learn more about succeeding at Temtem? Check out our tips for starting in Temtem to get details on winning battles, selecting starters, completing quests, and more.

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