Stop your phone from getting stolen

Thanks to Star EnForcer no phone thief is safeMobile phone theft is constantly on the up and, personally, I’ve lost count of the number of handsets I’ve had that are now nestling in the filthy palms of criminals. However, I’ve just discovered a piece of software that might ensure I get the last laugh over these scoundrels in the future, and it goes by the name of Star EnForcer.

The free program for Windows Smartphones is designed to help you catch thieves red-handed and works by monitoring the status of the SIM card in your device. If it detects that your SIM card is replaced then it will send an SMS message to a pre-defined number to inform you. of the new number and reports its approximate position via GPS. It will send this message to you every 30 minutes updating you, without the thief even knowing. The best part is that they will be getting charged for these messages. Suckers.

Of course, this isn’t a totally foolproof system, because you’ll probably still have to rely on the cops to actually catch the bandits. As such, it’s worth taking extra precautions while you still have your phone to prevent too much damage if it ever does go astray. Advanced Device Locks is a good tool for preventing unauthorised access to any sensitive data on your device, while Mobile Alarm can trigger a siren any time a would-be robber touches your phone.

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