Summer sports whatever the weather

Summer sports whatever the weather

Gnome fishingTis the season to be sporty, but if like me you can’t be bothered why not get physical with some heated competition in these summer games. First up is golf, and whether you like your birdie action stretched out over 18 immaculate holes or forced through colourful windmills we have the lot. Wacky mini golf is especially ‘wacky’ on the Mac and Pocket Mini Golf is a mini golf game that fits in your pocket. Where do they get these names from?

I’ve always thought of tennis as more of a dance than a sport which is why I’ve been drinking my barley water out on fantasy island where tennis is more Manga than MacEnroe. Fantasy Tennis is a great new take on the old game; imagine Sampras in Streetfighter and you get the idea.

If cricket is more your thing then Brian Lara is back for 2007, hooking a chinaman, marking his crease and tossing a googly, or whatever it is they all do for fun.

Lovers of nature and good fish can get out on the lake with Pocket Bass Angler on the Pocket PC and hook a monster from the deep. And for all of you who prefer garden games you might like fellow mobile friends: Lawn Darts (bowls-cum-darts with an octopus) and Hammer Heads, where you have to smash surfacing gnomes into little bits with a mallet. Now that’s what I call summer.

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