Sunrise smart calendar now available on Mac

Sunrise smart calendar now available on Mac

If you want to get things done but with a beautiful interface, Sunrise Calendar has you covered. The app first came out on iPhone, and recently on Android. Now it’s finally on Mac.

What sets Sunrise apart from the competition like Apple’s iCal apart is its minimalist interface. It looks like a basic calendar app but offers map support (using Google Maps) and an easy to read week view.

If you’ve used the web app before, you’ll know how to use Sunrise for Mac. The two are basically the same. It’s disappointing Sunrise for Mac doesn’t add any new features but this is only the first version. One thing I would like to see is natural language support so you can type out the location, date, and time of event and have an event created for you.

For now, BusyCal is still my favorite Mac calendaring app, but it is paid and quite expensive at $50. It supports just about every calendar protocol and recognizes natural language.

Sunrise is free in the Mac App Store. You can find the download link below.

Download Sunrise Calendar for Mac

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