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Sunrise calendar app for Android helps you get things done

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Google Calendar for Android is a decent calendaring app but it lacks some more advanced features. There are some great alternatives like Cal, which offers a slick heads-up display. Now there’s Sunrise, a new calendar app to help you get things done. The app first appeared on iOS but is now available on Android.

Sunrise calendar app for Android helps you get things done
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Sunrise is beautifully designed and its interface gets out of the way. Adding events is a pleasure, with quick location search and invitations.

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The app also detects keywords in your events and gives it a relevant icon. For example, if you want to remind yourself to call your mom, a phone icon will show up next to the event.

Sunrise side imageWhile icons are cool, I would like Sunrise to add natural language ability. For example, typing “Dinner at Max’s at 8PM” would automatically fill out location and time fields, something Google Now does (but not Google Calendar).

If you have a location in an event, Sunrise offers directions, using any mapping app you have installed on your phone. This means you can use apps like Waze instead of defaulting to Google Maps for directions.

There’s also a slick widget that lets you add and view events quickly. Sunrise also offers a web app so you can manage your calendar from your computer.

Business users will still have to rely on Google Calendar because Sunrise doesn’t support Microsoft Exchange yet. The company promises to add Exchange support this summer. The app also lacks any search functionality, so you’ll be scrolling endlessly trying to find something.

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I’ve used both Sunrise and Cal and find that both offer similar experiences. I love the simplicity of Sunrise’s interface and Cal’s heads-up display. Sunrise has a killer agenda display but Cal integrates with for todos.

If you want a simple, easy to use calendar app for Android, give Sunrise a try. If you need Microsoft Exchange support, give Cal a try.

Download Sunrise Calendar: Android | iOS

Download Cal by Android | iOS

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