Super duper elemental

Super ElementalHands up who likes Tetris and all the bubble games (you know the ones). And hands up who likes science. Right, how many of you am I talking to? No matter, Super Elemental is a game for everyone and it follows a well-trodden format that even unscientists will be able to understand.

Rather than bubbles you have to match different elements (clever, eh?) – ice, water, earth and fire (no wind unfortunately, but the music is still good) – and make them disappear before they fill the screen. It starts off fairly easy, match two bubbles, sorry elements, and they disappear. As you progress you need to match more and more. But the great twist with Super Elemental is that some elements are highly reactive and blow great holes in the descending wall by converting touching cubes or turn nearby elements to stone – that’s a very bad thing. Others are unstable and flash between earth, ice, wind and fire. Like Tetris you get a sneak peak at your next playing piece, but sometimes there’s just too much going on to remember. Still if you’ve got a brain like Einstein you’ll probably work it out.

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