Superhero downloads: Marvel vs DC

Superhero downloads: Marvel vs DC

Let the Marvel and DC guys loose on your PCAny comic book-collecting uber-geek, will tell you the Marvel and DC comic books are completely different, in terms of their characters, style, moral values, etc. They will probably also tell you that Marvel and DC are like two brands like Pepsi and Coke and you can’t like both. Let’s face it, these people may know a lot about comics but they don’t know how to have fun. So, let me, Downloadman explain how you can enjoy the best of Marvel and DC superheroes from your PC.

Let’s start with a desktop theme featuring the very first comic book star, Superman. The pack includes a host of goodies from Mr Man’s last movie, including a wallpaper, resampled sounds, and a screensaver with widescreen images taken from the DVD. DC’s other heavyweight do-gooder is Batman, and Softonic has cool desktop adornements for both Batman Begins and the eagerly anticipated Dark Knight.

In the other corner, is the Marvel crew and I reckon they could easily take the DC lot in a fight. Want proof? Well check out the official X-Men game, which showcases some of the hardest dudes you’ll ever meet. Better still, you get to be them. Of course, everyone’s favourite Marvel hero is Spiderman (ironic, considering most people hate spiders) and there are a couple of great downloads for any fan. The first is called Bouncing Spiderman and is a screensaver where Spidey covorts around your desktop, and the second is the new Spideman: Friend or Foe game, where the friendly neighbourhood fellow joins forces with some of his arch rivals to kick some alien butt in NY.

However, probably my favourite comic book download is the Marvel Trading Card Game, where you get to match different superheroes against each other in order to win cards. It’s a real hoot and you can even play against other comic book fans online. Just don’t get them started on DC.

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