Surf the web and listen to music, non-stop

Elena Santos


foxytunes.gifTwo of the most common activities when sitting in front of a computer are browsing the web and listening to music. So what about joining both of them into one single interface? If you’re a Firefox user, now you can. The only thing you need is FoxyTunes.

This handy extension allows you to control your audio player right from the browser’s window. This means that you can actually play, stop, forward or rewind your music without even leaving Firefox interface. FoxyTunes doesn’t take up any screen space, as it’s seamlessly integrated in the browser’s status bar and also lets you choose which buttons to display and which ones to hide. Plus, the extension features a Web search tool with which you can look up information about your favorite artists and songs.

Finally, in case you’re wondering whether your player will work with FoxyTunes or not, rest assured that the most popular ones like iTunes, Winamp and Windows Media Player are covered, along with XMPlay, JetAudio, Musicmatch Jukebox, Sonique, MediaMonkey, Quintessential Player and several others.

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