SwiftKey gesture keyboard will debut with iOS 8

SwiftKey gesture keyboard will debut with iOS 8

SwiftKey, the popular Android predictive and gesture controlled keyboard, is finally coming to iOS. The keyboard will launch September 17th, the same day iOS 8 comes out. The keyboard will support both iPhones, iPod touches and iPads.

SwiftKey offers several key advantages over the stock iOS keyboard. While Apple’s keyboard offers predictions, it’s not nearly as powerful as SwiftKey. SwiftKey integrates with your social accounts, email and websites to analyze how you type. It also offers up suggestions for trending words so you don’t have to constantly correct your keyboard.

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Users will also be able to use gestures to type out messages with one hand. Slide your finger over the letters and SwiftKey is smart enough to predict what you’re trying to type.

SwiftKey is also connected to the cloud, allowing you to sync all your settings across multiple devices, even between Android and iOS.

SwiftKey will be free with in-app purchases for customizations. You can download different themes in their keyboard store, which usually cost about a dollar each. There are theme packs that give a slight discount as well.

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