SwiftKey Note may bring the gesture keyboard to iOS

SwiftKey Note may bring the gesture keyboard to iOS

Popular Android keyboard, SwiftKey, could be coming to iOS in the form of the SwiftKey Note app. The @evleaks team has released an image of the supposed app on Twitter today, which shows a simplistic note taking app with what looks like the stock iOS 7 keyboard with text predictions.

Apple doesn’t permit the use of third-party keyboards like Android does, so SwiftKey will have to be contained within its own note taking app. iOS does have Flesky, which offers a way for developers to integrate its keyboard into other apps, but it doesn’t actually replace the iOS keyboard across the entire operating system.

Flesky keyboard

SwiftKey Note can still be a powerful productivity tool for those who are tired of Apple’s keyboard. Gestures can make typing quicker and easier for long messages and SwiftKey Note can be truly useful if it can export text to a bunch of different apps.

This is all speculation at this point as @evleaks hasn’t said anything about the functionality of the app. SwiftKey already has a specialized note taking app called SwiftKey Healthcare for clinicians to quickly type out information into a tablet so SwiftKey Note for iOS doesn’t seem too farfetched.

Source: @evleaks (Twitter)

Via: The Verge


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