Tango launches new social-networking features

Tango launches new social-networking features

Tango recently released its API and SDK, allowing developers to integrate the mutli-platform chat service into games and other apps. Today, the company has updated their apps for Android and iOS with new social-networking features.

Starting today, Tango users can find friends nearby, personalize their profiles, and share pictures during voice or video calls. Profiles can be customized with profile pictures, status updates, and uploading photos to share with friends. These additions make Tango more Facebook-like than ever, though they’re concentrating their efforts solely on mobile.

tango combined

“With this update, Tango becomes the first company to have truly blended together the best of messaging, social and entertainment into a single platform,” said Uri Raz, Tango co-founder and CEO.

If social features aren’t enough to convince you to give Tango a try, there are built in games as well as integration with a few Gameloft games that should entice those who want social gaming.

[Download Tango: Android, iOS]

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