The 5 Global Mobile Award nominees

The 5 Global Mobile Award nominees
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It’s time for the Mobile World Congress (MWC), where we get a change to look at the future of all things mobile. This year Softonic is sponsoring the GloMo Awards, so we thought that in today’s show we would have a look at the five amazing nominees for best overall app.

Apple Pay (iOS)

Technically the first app, Apple Pay, isn’t a standalone app but part of Apple’s Wallet app. The secure payment service uses the iPhone 6’s NFC antenna to make paying as easy as touching your phone to the payment device. Better still, it now also works with Apple Watch and new iPads.

Messenger (iOS|Android|Windows Phone)

When Facebook announced Messenger as a separate tool, we all felt its life span would be limited. We were wrong, with the social platform’s huge number of users all keen to have a separate tool to easily message their friends with text, emoticons, stickers, photos, videos, GIFs, and even calls.

Google Cardboard (iOS|Android)

If you caught our 5 Virtual Reality Apps episode recently you will already know the next nominee, Google Cardboard. With your phone, this app, and a cardboard headset you can easily experience the technology that is revolutionizing the media landscape without the need of a $600 device.

Periscope (iOS|Android)

Since Twitter started to let you view videos from your timeline, Periscope has gone from strength-to-strength. And it’s easy to see why: in this world of instant media and personality-driven content, the ability to stream from your phone to the whole world is powerful. Particularly when your viewer can comment and like live.

Samsung Pay (Android)

The final nominee is another payment platform Samsung Pay. Unlike Apple Pay, this app doesn’t rely solely on NFC, but also utilizes a patented tech that lets it be read by magnetic stripe readers. Its tokenization system generates a unique reference number for each transaction, ensuring security.

Those are the nominees, if you want to know the winner check our Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channels next week, where we will be bringing you all the highlights from the MWC.

I’ll be back next week with the five best face changing apps. Until then remember to like, share, and comment on this video.

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