The best and worst Apple wallpapers

The best and worst Apple wallpapers

Dawson's CreekThink your wallpaper looks bad? Wait till you’ve looked at the selection Macenstein came up with. I’ve rarely seen a bad wallpaper on a Mac, first because the default ones generally look pretty, and second because Mac users tend to be very concerned with the general appearance of their machine.

Lack of taste, yet, is everywhere. Macenstein’s list is a perfect example. Among the 21 different wallpapers chosen, you’ll find a strangely ‘swastika’ looking crop circle, a seedy casino billboard, and a PowerMac surrounded by two ladies in bikini. Some have gone for the celebrity endorsement style, although in a very awkward way, like you’ll see with the Jake Gyllenhaal and the Dawson’s Creek wallpapers. Worst of all though are the wallpapers that fit in an Apple motto or logo with an image that has absolutely nothing to do it with such as Superman, an Indian chief or a picture of Nelson Mandela and a ‘Think Black’ motto.

Flaming White AppleI hope you are not twisted enough to actually dare use one of these wallpapers. If you really want a beautifully designed desktop background, I suggest turning to UsingMac’s list of 90 wallpapers, all which are discreet variations on the Apple logo itself, with varying colors, viewpoints and contrasts. The bottom of the list pays hommage to the Leopard platform with different takes on the feline creature. A universe apart from the ones mentioned before. With the hordes of Apple crazy designers out there you’re guaranteed to find great looking material from people that love the operating system. It’s hard to pick out a favorite, but my preferences probably go to the Apple Vortex, Crashed Apple and Flaming White Apple.

Anyway, take a look at both lists and see if there’s any wallpaper you’d fancy putting up on your Mac.

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