The best Android app for listening to music– Sam’s choice

The best Android app for listening to music– Sam’s choice

What’s the best music player on Android? Personally, I’ve been using audio streaming services instead of local playback for quite some time now. I was in love with Spotify when the inevitable happened.

An obscure song I wanted to hear wasn’t available. Initially, Google Play Music, the official app from Google, was enough to keep me going. However, after a brief period, the limitations of the app encouraged me to search for an alternative. This began my quest for the perfect audio player on Android, which I found in Shuttle Music Player.

The best app

Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle Music PlayerLet me be clear: Google Play Music isn’t a bad music player. Google’s music app, however, only offers basic functions. Fortunately, Shuttle Music Player builds on the strengths of Google Play Music and adds useful, everyday features.

Shuttle takes interface cues from Google Play Music, and it’s on-screen displays are almost identical to Play Music. The music player isn’t hindered by elaborate menus or outdated interfaces either, like many other apps are. In fact, Shuttle Music Player stands out for being extremely easy to use.

Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle’s menus are clear and easy to navigate

Shuttle Music Player doesn’t stop there though. The app goes a step further by adding useful features that quickly become essential. Shuttle automatically finds artwork for your albums, has seamless playback, and allows you to save songs as ringtones in just a few clicks.

Shuttle is very customizable and versatile giving you the option to choose between several themes to customize your display. You can also modify the sound of your songs by accessing an easy-to-use equalizer.

Shuttle Music Player isn’t the sharpest or most complete music player for Android, but the app definitely combines the most useful features for ordinary people in an intuitive and readable interface that’s very convenient for day-to-day use. And the best part? The free version of Shuttle Music Player is perfectly usable, a relatively rare feature among apps in this category.

Download Shuttle Music Player

The rising stars

Ironically, Shuttle Music Player’s simplicity could be the very thing that leads to its downfall. The app could get surpassed by newer audio players with more functionality. The apps below stand out for their innovative features and are some promising alternatives to keep an eye on.



I have to admit I was very impressed with musicXmatch. Against all my expectations, this app for viewing lyrics is also an excellent audio player. The app is surely one of the best looking in its category, combining elegant design with traditional musiXmatch features: viewing lyrics, artist information, and even an amazing karaoke mode.

Download musiXmatch

doubleTwist Player

doubleTwist Player

The power of doubleTwist Player lies in its options, which unfortunately you have to pay for. The free version is fairly well designed and fully functional, but for a few extra bucks, you can turn it into a powerhouse for music lovers. You’re able to synchronize music via Wi-Fi, stream on Apple TV, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, download album art, and have some fun with a mean looking equalizer.

Download doubleTwist Player

Remember, Pandora and Spotify aren’t the be all and end all of music players; if you’re looking for a simple music player that works well with an already huge catalog of music, try Shuttle Music Player. Of course, don’t forget the alternatives, musiXmatch and doubleTwist Player, for a bit more variety.

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