The best Android games to play with kids

The best Android games to play with kids

Kids love to play and never miss an opportunity to steal your smartphone. Fortunately, there are Android games that are perfect for them.

It’s inevitable: if you’ve got a smartphone and small children, it’s likely your phone will end up in their hands. But rather than get angry and take it off them, you can let them play with it, provided that they play games suitable for their age and that you can play with them. Fortunately, there are plenty of apps that tick these boxes on Google Play.

Racing, puzzles, guessing… The most popular genres have great games for children. Today we’ll look at five which are sure to be a hit with little kids.

Frozen Free Fall

‘Frozen’ is already the highest-grossing animated movie in history and a film that has captivated big and small kids equally. If your kids worship Anna, Elsa and company, then you’ve got to install Free Fall on your Android ASAP. Free Fall is a puzzle game based on the movie, of course.

Frozen Free Fall is like Bejeweled (or Candy Crush), with the difference that it’s accompanied by the characters in the film. Like most games in this style, there are in-app purchases, but the game has a system for avoiding them: after installation, select the age of your children; this turns off purchases and prevents any accidental expense.

Download Frozen Free Fall

Frozen Free Fall

Angry Birds Go!

Other really popular characters with kids are the birds and pigs from Angry Birds. If your kids usually go crazy with cars too, then they’ll love Angry Birds Go!

This karting game doesn’t require too much skill as everything is handled with a single action and moving your phone. The only thing you may need to help with is upgrading the vehicle. It’s a great game for playing together and teaching them the basis of role play and strategy games, such as getting and activating upgrades.

Download Angry Birds Go!

4 Pics 1 Word

One of Google Play’s biggest hits is perfect for kids and adults to play collaboratively. The simple game mechanics (guess the word with four images as a clue) is good not only for fun, but to exercise the mind.

A child-adult tandem is perfect for this game, as some puzzles will require an adult logic, and vice versa. You’ll be surprised how quick your little one “gets” it!

Download 4 Pics 1 Word

Dropdot: Kids Connect the Dots

I’m sure that, like me, when you were little you played “connect the dots”. We followed the numbers or dots and, in return, we got a nice drawing. Dropbot brings the game to modern kids.

Dropbot is the digital version of the game and has many advantages: the drawings are HD images, you can choose from many topics and there is a narrator who helps you in your task.

Download Dropbot: Kids Connect the Dots


Dr. Panda’s Kindergarden

We begin to teach children good values​​, like the importance of being responsible, from an early age. This can be done conventionally or via apps, like this game from Dr. Panda.

With Dr. Panda’s Kindergarden, kids will enjoy caring for animals and creative activities, such as playing in a band or cooking. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that it¡s a great game that’s also teaching them important qualities such as caring for younger kids and teamwork.

Download Dr. Panda’s Kindergarden

From enjoyable to…educational

These five apps are only a sample of all the material suitable for children on Google Play. The truth is that any game can be suitable for children as long as you make sure it doesn’t include content that’s not suitable for their age and always supervise them.

My recommendation, though, is to always try to find a balance between education and fun: they will have fun and you will be sure that your children are not wasting time on the small screen.

Make sure to check out the rest of our The best Android games to… series.

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