The best Facebook World Cup applications

The best Facebook World Cup applications

We’ve already shown you how to follow the World Cup on your computer and on your iPhone. But there’s plenty more football fun to be had if you head onto Facebook – and I’m not just talking about posting taunts on foreign friends’ walls. Facebook is now full of applications relating to the World Cup (there are well over 100 at the moment). Obviously a lot of them are complete guff but there are a several that are very handy for following the tournament or just for a bit of soccer-related fun. Here are some of our favorites:

Fantasy BettingFantasy Football Betting – If you fancy a flutter on the World Cup, this application is perfect because it allows you to bet for pretend money. For each match, you bet on who you think will win (or if it’ll be a draw). If you’re right, you win twice the money you put down, if you’re wrong then you lose it all.

World ChampFootball World Champ – With this app you can try to win the World Cup for your country. After choosing you country, you then pass the ball to a friend on Facebook. If they have the same team it’ll count as a pass, if they have a different team it’s a goal. The country with the most goals overall wins the cup.

GalacticosGalacticos World Cup – This is game in the style of Football Manager. Your task is to assemble a team from the World’s top players and take on other players on Facebook to achieve international glory. It’s a bit unrealistic being able to select a player from any nation for your country, but it’s still fun.

PlannerWorld Cup Planner – It’s important to get your viewing schedule mapped out before the tournament starts, and World Cup Planner lets you do this very easily. The app offers locations and kick off times, and you can search by team, group, date, etc. It even shows which UK TV channel will show each game.

International BadgesInternational Badges – Want everyone to know exactly who you’re rooting for at the World Cup? Then install the International Badges application, which places the team crest of your favorite country onto your Facebook profile. All 32 countries’ badges are available to choose from.

Puzzle SoccerPuzzle Soccer – If you like Puzzle Bobble-style games then give Puzzle Bobble a try. It puts a football spin on the classic puzzle game, challenging you to burst the balls by making combinations of matching colors. You pick a country and must do battle against other nations.

Visa Match PlannerVisa Match Planner – Another handy tracker, this app lets you chart the progress of the tournament as it unfolds. Sections include Schedule, Events and Results. It’s also worth checking out the Goooal! area, where you could win a trip to the next World Cup.

Eurosport appMy List of 23 + 1 – This official Eurosport Facebook application challenges you to pick your best squad and your dream starting line-up from one of six countries. You can pick a coach and select a formation, before dragging and dropping the players onto the pitch.

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