The best free online games for work breaks

The best free online games for work breaks

Free online gamesAs we’ve already mentioned a couple of times, you should take frequent breaks while working with the PC if you don’t want to end up suffering from some sort of RSI. However, I guess most of us not only forget about these necessary pauses, but also stay in front of the computer while having a 5-minute break from work. And what’s the best way to enjoy these short breaks? That’s right: playing a game.

There are hundreds of free online mini-games, most of which are precisely intended to be played during work pauses. They’re usually programmed in Flash, so you can play them right in your browser without installing any third-party application – except an updated Flash browser plugin. Though not as healthy as stretching exercises, these games are definitely a fun way to switch off from work for a while.

Free online gamesThere’s a huge variety of free games all over the Web, from the traditional Tetris-style puzzles like Blockles (an online multiplayer Tetris) and Tetrical (a tricky 3D Tetris) to more strategic titles like Water Supply, where you have to build a water pipe in the middle of a desert before the water stream reaches the end. There are also games you play with something as simple as color balls: Mass Attacks and Filler are two good examples, the first one challenging you to balance weights and the second one to fill in a square with bouncing balls.

Some other games will test your abilities at building a skyscraper (Tower Bloxx), throwing a projectile as far as possible (Throw me) or landing your mini-spaceship on a platform after completing a track full of obstacles (Mini-Racers). Others will involve a lot of mouse clicking, such as Valo and Cursor*10. And in case you’re not in the gaming mood, you can always release some stress by destroying a few websites.

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