The best low-cost gifts to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day

The best low-cost gifts to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming, so how about you surprise your partner with a good gift? You don’t need to suffer when buying gifts for your other half, and you don’t need to spend a fortune. Today we bring you 12 great gift ideas for much less than $30. Choose well and you will surely succeed!

Best gifts for Valentine’s Day

For romantics

The most romantic couples want to spend as much time together as possible. With these gifts for two, success is assured.

These cups are the perfect gift for those who cannot have breakfast without each other (and who cannot start the day without a good coffee or tea).

Two roses intertwined like your love. Don’t they remind you of the rose from “Beauty and the Beast”?

Intertwined Roses

From: Amazon


Your sofa will look much better with this pair of “Love” cushions. Their elegant design and neutral colors make them match any furniture.

Love Pillows

From: Amazon

$9.99 $16.99

For fiery lovers

Sugar is fine … but life also tastes better with a little pepper. Spice up your relationship with these daring gifts.

Oils, lubricants, and a sensual massage kit … The perfect gift to get an evening started tenderly before finishing with a hot massage.

Turn up the heat with this massage oil that has a silky texture and a suggestive raspberry aroma.

Aphrodisiac Oil

From: Amazon


“Trivial Pursuit” is history! Play the sexiest board game with your partner… you know how it starts but not how it ends.


From: Amazon


For “techies”

If your partner is a “techie” give him one of these low-cost gadgets … You’ll succeed without having to pay out.

A low-cost smartwatch full of features (pedometer, sleep monitor, remote camera, reminders, calendar …) that will delight your partner.


From: Amazon

18.99 26.99

If your partner loves TV series and movies, you should think about this micro projector.

Pocket Projector

From: Amazon

$48.99 $89.99

If your partner spends the day stuck to their phone, this Bluetooth headset will be well appreciated. Compatible with any device, it is the ideal complement for business calls and friendly chats.

Bluetooth Handsfree Headset

From: Amazon

$14.99 $19.99

For athletes

Is your partner a fan of running, playing football or going to the gym? With these accessories, you will not only be getting in your partner’s good books, but you will be giving something useful and beneficial.

The essential activity tracker for all sports fans. It follows you 24 hours a day and helps you control your physical activity, sleep well, and create training plans via the synchronized app.

Activity Tracker

From: Amazon


The headphones that every athlete needs. Light, comfortable to wear … They are so good and they are so cheap that I bought some for my partner.

Wireless Headphones

From: Amazon

$13.99 $55.99

A basic but very stylish sports bag with plenty of space for sports equipment. Its size also makes it perfect for weekend getaways. A 2×1 at a scandalously low price.

Nike Sports Bag

From: Amazon


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