The best PC games of 2014

The best PC games of 2014
Daniel Barranger

Daniel Barranger

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Choosing the best PC game of the year for our Best apps of 2014 series wasn’t easy. The year has seen many great games hit computer screens; Titanfall was the first major title to be released this year, rounded out by games like FIFA 15 and The Crew, just in time for the holiday season.

With our panel of app experts, we narrowed down the choice to 5 finalists, and ultimately, one winner. Gameplay, graphics, story, controls, replayability, and entertainment value were all considered, and with these criteria in mind, one game came out on top: Dark Souls II. Have a sneak peak in the video below to see the rest of the finalists, and read on to see what put them on the list.

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Dark Souls II

After a heated discussion, this title from Namco Bandai won over our editors, not only in terms of gameplay, and controls, but also for its replay value.

Dark Souls II is more accessible than its predecessor, and while it can still be both difficult and frustrating, this is exactly what makes it so satisfying. The combat system, along with an open world which you can fully explore, help make the game as good as it is, and with a lot of DLC, you’ll almost never get bored.

Download Dark Souls II for PC

Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation was at the top of our list thanks to its story and graphics. The title from SEGA is undoubtedly the first high quality game from the Alien franchise, taking full advantage of the most recent movies in the series.

In terms of originality, gameplay in Alien Isolation takes the cake; the game is a combination of survival horror and  FPS, keeping you in a constant state of tension. In a year in which women have claimed their rightful place in the video game industry, it can’t go without mentioning the strong female lead of in the game, definitely earning Alien Isolation some bonus points.

Download Alien Isolation for PC

TowerFall Ascension

If you thought local multiplayer mode was relegated to the 90’s, think again. This year, TowerFall Ascenion has proven that it’s back in full swing.

Fast, frenetic, and elegant gameplay, lots of content, fighting arenas, and bonuses make for a lot of old school entertainment. The game brings back that ‘not gone but forgotten’ multiplayer feeling from old school console and PC games, but with a modern twist. The nostalgia alone is enough to put it on our list.

Download TowerFall Ascensiom for PC


A great game doesn’t need to have an open world that you can explore freely. Sometimes, it only takes one environment, several small aircrafts, and one level of difficulty. Welcome, Luftrausers.

On one hand, Luftrausers is a very old-school game; on the other, it has a very similar dynamic to other popular games (think Flappy Bird) that make you feel like they could go on forever, but in fact, end quite abruptly.

The end goal of continuously striving to beat your previous score is what makes the game so addictive. But in no way does that make the game monotonous, because after each game, you gain experience and can modify your plane to improve it, further preparing yourself for battle.

Download  Luftrausers for PC

Far Cry 4: a place for sequels

Sequels can be very hit and miss, especially when you think about recent issues with games like Assassin’s Creed Unity, which was plagued with bugs. With Far Cry 4, however, it seems as if Ubisoft has gone big.

Despite the series having been around for almost 10 years now, Far Cry 4 once again makes you feel like you’re exploring a whole new world. Overall, the gameplay is quite diverse, with lots of content available. More importantly, the co-op mode gives for a much more exciting experience, extending far beyond the traditional campaign mode.

Download Far Cry 4 for PC

What’s in store for 2015?

Will next year’s batch of games bring the same level of quality as this year’s bunch? With titles like The Witcher 3 and Batman Arkham Knight getting big hype and set to hit the market in Q1, you can almost bet on it.

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