The best programs for remote desktop connection

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Do you need to access a computer from a different location? Don’t panic, there are many free programs out there to help you.

With a remote desktop app you can access a computer without being in front of it, which can be very handy. For example, you could use it if you’ve forgotten documents at home, you want to check a picture, or just turn off the computer if you forgot before you left the house.

The best programs for remote desktop connection

There are many programs available. For some time, one of the most popular one was LogMein. Unfortunately, it’s no longer free. But don’t worry: here are 6 free alternatives to access your computer wherever you are.

TeamviewerTeamviewer, the all-terrain one

Teamviewer has everything you can ask for from a remote access app. With the free version for noncommercial use you can control another PC, access its files and even chat and listen its audio in real time.

In addition to its acceptable performance, Teamviewer’s main strength lies in its availability, since it’s offered for many different platforms, from PC to mobile phones and tablets.

Download Teamviewer for Windows, Windows 8, Mac, WP, Android, and iOS.


WeezoWeezo, the one that works from the browser

Weezo is the bizarre name of this free remote access app. After installing the Windows client, you can access your folders and even control the mouse from a website.

Everything works from your Weezo user page, so you don’t have to worry about installing anything or remembering IPs or session numbers.

Download Weezo for Windows


AMMYY AdminAMMYY Admin, the tiny one

AMMYY Admin is a lifesaver. This amazing 400 KB tiny program doesn’t have to be installed and can be used both as a client and server. You’ll get it up and running in less than two minutes.

AMMYY Admin will be especially handy if you have to help a friend with their PC problems. You give them the link, they tell you their ID, and you access their computer. However, it can also be installed as a service on your own PC, that way it will start automatically.

Download AMMYY Admin for Windows


RealVNCRealVNC, the veteran one

RealVNC is a client and server from the developers of VNC. Just like Teamviewer, it has versions for almost every platform and mobile OS, but the features of the free version are significantly reduced.

In its free version, RealVNC only lets you control another computer remotely, without files and other features that are available for the paid version.

Download RealVNC for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

RealVNC for Android

Chrome Remote DesktopChrome Remote Desktop, the one from Google

It’s incredibly easy to access other computers with this extension for Google Chrome. Developed by Google, it has to be installed on both computers to be able to exchange the session code.

Chrome Remote Desktop is useful for specific occasions, such as helping a friend, but you can also enable continuous remote access.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop for Windows

Chrome Remote Desktop

Windows Remote DesktopWindows Remote Desktop Connection, the one that doesn’t need any additional program

But why bother installing a program, if Windows comes with remote access? All you need to do is make sure you enable it through Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Remote settings.

Windows Remote Desktop

An app for every occasion

As you can see, some of these apps focus on helping others while some look into accessing and controlling your own computer when you’re away from home.

In any case, with this selection of apps, we won’t miss LogMeIn’s free version.

What program do you use for remote access?

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