The gambler’s guide to keeping your shirt

The gambler’s guide to keeping your shirt

Cards and chipsWhen I first walked into a casino hoping for a Bond girl I was given a free tuna sandwich and a cup of cold coffee. I then lost £40 watching a ping-pong ball drop on red not black. The truth, I found, is casinos are neither glamorous nor fun. However, games like Poker, BlackJack and roulette can be rather addictive. Just ask my friend Paul.

If, like me, you prefer playing with pretend money then why not try some of these. Roulette passion and Monaco Gold are more Casino Royale than most gambling houses and they’re all the better for it while BlackJack International deals a little twist on the old card game. Instead of betting pretend money you gamble with your chosen country’s exports – bikinis for Brazil, cigars for Cuba, croissants for France. A little stereotypical perhaps but there’s also a really good version of BlackJack in here with options like dealer peeks.

Imagine Poker on the Mac takes the liberty of casting Little Red Riding Hood, the Tooth Fairy, Napoleon, Joseph Stalin, Merlin the Wizard and many others as card sharks. It’s a great idea and slightly controversial. If only history could have been settled round the green table.

For those of you just starting your addiction Aces BlackJack is available on the Palm, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile and Symbian with lots of helpful hints, and All Mobile Casino offers the complete gambling experience minus the free cup of tea. Personally I’ve always preferred the one-armed bandit and Frutakia is pretty ‘armless company. Sorry, Cyril bet me I wouldn’t put that in.

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