The Mobile World Congress iPhone survival kit

Elena Santos


This year’s Mobile World Congress is starting Monday February 14th in Barcelona, Spain. The location couldn’t be better for us – a short ride on the red line and we’re there – but for others it’s a long trip that involves buying plane tickets, booking hotels, changing currency and knowing their way around the beautiful city of Barcelona. Luckily, there’s an app for all that! We’ve compiled a list of  10 iPhone apps that will surely prove to be very useful for those of you planning to attend MWC next week. Here they are:

Kayak – The ultimate traveling app! With Kayak you can search for flights, book a hotel, rent a car, organize your itinerary and much more, all for free. The app includes information about airports and lets you track flight status as well.

Currency – If you’re new to euros, this app could be a life-savior. Currency includes updated exchange rate information for more than 100 different countries and currencies. It’s the perfect tool to know if they’re charging you too much for the paella!

Barcelona Subway – Once you’re in Barcelona, metro is by far the fastest and most efficient way to move around the city. With this app you’ll have all the information you need about the Barcelona metro (maps, stations, trip planners) right on your iPhone.

Catalunya Taxi – Do you prefer taking a taxi? No worries! Catalunya Taxi helps you get one without having to call a taxi service and wait on the line. Book a taxi ride, obtain an estimated price in advance and get the booking confirmation by text message.

Mobile World Live -When you’re at the Congress you probably won’t have time to follow all the conferences and exhibitions going on at the same time. Use the Mobile World Congress official app to keep track of everything going on in the mobile industry!

Bump – One important activity in the MWC is networking. Forget about your old-style business cards and use Bump instea: an app that lets you share whatever you want (photos, messages, contacts, even Facebook friend requests) just by bumping two phones together.

Babelingo – Of course, networking is so much easier when you speak the same language. If you don’t, Babelingo can give you a hand with its collection of more than 300 useful phrases translated into 11 languages. Just choose your desired phrase and the app will display the translation.

AroundMe – Now where’s the nearest ATM? Where can I find a coffee shop for a short break? I need to buy something, is there a supermarket near the MWC? Find the answer to these and other questions in the AroundMe app – a must-have when travelling abroad!

Lonely Planet Barcelona City Guide – Work is over! It’s time for tourism, and the Lonely Planet guides have all the information you need. This app will tell you about all the museums, markets, monuments and tapas bars you can’t miss while you’re in Barcelona!

Bus Turístic Virtual -Another great option to explore Barcelona is the Bus Turístic – three bus routes that cover all the points of interest in the city. With the help of augmented reality, this app lets you locate the most outstanding spots in Barcelona and make the most of your visit.

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