The Tinder Swipe Comes to PC

The Tinder Swipe Comes to PC

You can now use Tinder on your PC. That is, you no longer need to install the app on Android or iOS to search for a date; you now have direct access from the internet.

This marks a huge leap for Tinder, going from being an app to a much more complete service, which allows you to look for dates wherever you are and without having to have a smartphone.

Tinder desktop is a good adaptation of the famous mobile app, as everything from the mobile app is still there but the features have just been adapted for PC use. Thus, the absence of a touch screen to accept or reject suitors is not a problem: in addition to using the mouse cursor, you can use the keyboard to use the different functions.

With the arrow to the left you say “no” and with the arrow to the right you say “I like”. The up arrow opens the profile, the down arrow closes it, the intro key makes “super like”, and with the space bar you can see the next photo.

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