The very best golf games on Softonic

The very best golf games on Softonic

Tee timeI recently bought Tiger Woods PGA Tour for the PlayStation 2 and have become hooked on the gameplay and the challenge of capturing prize money and beating other pro golfers. I’ve realized that golf games in general have really improved on course rendering, ball and swing movement and even the feel of the different areas of courses. Tiger Woods still has a bit of an arcade feel, with the top spin effect and a few wacky playing fields, but on the whole it almost compensates not being on an actual golf course.

If you’ve left your clubs at home or forgotten your score card, you can turn to other fun alternatives on your PC. CustomPlay Golf will suit hardcore golfers looking for the peace and tranquility of their own course. Similarly, the excellent SimGolf lets you create and manage your own golf course, and become rich in the process.

If fantasy golf is what you’re into, the Albatross18 series offers two cartoon-like games you should like. Realms of Pangya takes place in an imaginary world where magic can influence your swing. The other Albatross18 version, Season Two, also takes places in Pangya, but has more of a classic feel to it. Make money, buy more items and customize your current character.

Minigolf might be shunned by serious golfers but is a fun alternative to the classic golf game. Mini Golf Mayhem provides a crazy park full of loops, pinball rings and other hazards to surpass as you try to sink your ball. 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures has some smoothly designed 3D characters and ludicrous environments like the Far West or Outer Space.

Whatever your handicap, if you’re fond of the little white ball, you should find something in your range among the games I’ve covered here.

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