The Windows 10 preview expires April 15, 2015

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Microsoft announced Windows 10 yesterday, but it won’t be ready until 2015. Today, the company released a preview of the operating system for all users to try out. Users noticed that the preview is set to expire on April 15, 2015, which coincides with Microsoft’s target of a mid-2015 launch.

While we have a date for when the preview is expected to expire, it’s not a confirmation of a launch date for Windows 10. There’s a possibility that Windows 10 will be available before or after April 15th, depending on how much Microsoft has to polish.

The Windows 10 preview expires April 15, 2015

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If you want to try Windows 10 for yourself, head over to Microsoft’s site and sign up. You’ll then have access to download the operating system in your language. Both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are offered so check which one you’re running on the machine you want to test with. In Windows 7, you can check this by clicking the Start button and right-clicking My Computer and then Properties. Windows 8 users can check by right-clicking the Start button and clicking System. Your current system type will be listed in the opened window.

Be aware that the Windows 10 preview is very much experimental and may crash.

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