These are all the HBO Max releases for November 2023

The streaming platform releases a large number of new series and documentaries, while also bringing back some classic movies.

These are all the HBO Max releases for November 2023
Nacho Requena Molina

Nacho Requena Molina

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Today is October 31st. In just a few hours, November arrives with us, loaded with novelties in all fields, including audiovisual content, as it couldn’t be otherwise. Among all the existing platforms today, it’s now HBO Max‘s turn, which has announced its releases for the upcoming month of November 2023.


Starting with the series, which are the most distinctive factor of platforms due to their seasons and attractiveness, this November we have a large number of new fiction series premiering on the platform. Yes, there are also some returning ones, of course, but the amount of new releases available is surprising. Here they are:

  • Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip: Season 3 (November 1).
  • RAP SH!T: Season 2 (November 9).
  • The Teenage Kiss: Premiere (November 9).
  • Julia: Season 2 (November 16).
  • Candy Cruz: Premiere (November 23).
  • Las vidas de Fèlix: Premiere (November 24).
  • Aquateen Hunger Force: Season 12 (November 27).
  • Bookie: premiere (November 30).

As for movies, this November also brings some good additions, including an Adam Sandler classic like “Little Nicky,” a comedy where Satan wants to retire for good, but none of his children is evil enough to succeed him. The movies are as follows:

  • American History X (November 10).
  • Loreak (November 17).
  • Little Nicky (November 17).
  • Another Round (November 24).

To conclude, the documentaries. HBO has been producing excellent visual pieces for a long time, so the releases for this November won’t be any less impressive. They range from delving into religious cults with “Love Has Won Cult” to stories like “The Murder of Caroline Crouch.” Here are the documentaries:

  • You Were My First Boyfriend (November 9).
  • The Murder of Caroline Crouch (November 11).
  • Albert Brooks: Defending My Life (November 12).
  • Love Has Won Cult (November 14).
  • Fighting for Freedom (November 15).
  • David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived (November 16).
  • South to Black Power (November 28).
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