These are the 104 new emojis coming to your phone in 2019

A flamingo, falafel, new clothing items, icons that represent inclusion… and even a sloth! These icons, plus nearly a hundred other images, have been proposed by the Unicode Consortium to become emojis in 2019.

The Unicode Consortium is the organization in charge of designing and proposing new emojis that operating systems and apps have to include over time. Though we’re still waiting for the 2018 emojis to come to most devices, Unicode has already presented its suggestions for the upcoming year.

Like previous editions, Unicode is committed to inclusion, adding several icons that represent functional diversity: an ear with a hearing aid, two types of wheelchairs, a prosthetic arm or leg, a guide dog…

It also considers the unique characteristics of some countries, adding typical foods and drinks, such as mate in South America, or different icons of Hindu culture like the sari and a temple.

And, of course, emojis have to keep up with trends: what would a chat be today without adorable animal emojis such as flamingos, otters, and orangutans?

New colored hearts and other symbols will also be available.

Remember, Unicode’s suggestions are the first step of the process. This means that not all 104 icons may end up on every operating system, not to mention how each system uniquely adapts them (remember the controversy over gun emojis).

You can see the full list of 2019 Unicode candidates here.

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What emoji would you still like to see on WhatsApp and other programs? Tell us your suggestions in the comments! Maybe we’ll give the Unicode Consortium ideas for their 2020 list!

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