This is all we know about Lucía, the protagonist of GTA 6

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This is all we know about Lucía, the protagonist of GTA 6
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

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It was an open secret: Rockstar’s new game would feature a Latina protagonist and be a modern version, alongside her boyfriend Jason, of the American classic Bonnie & Clyde, the most famous outlaw couple in American culture.

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Now that we’ve seen Lucia in action, thanks to the first official GTA 6 trailer, which has reached 100 million views in just a day and a half, we can say several things about the new protagonist.

And while it may not seem like much to you, if we pay attention to the details, we can uncover more than meets the eye. In Lucia, we have a mirror in which to see ourselves.

Lucía and Jason, the new outlaws of the 21st century

The trailer also revealed Lucia’s main relationship with a man named Jason in GTA 6. Previously, there had been rumors that Jason would be the second playable protagonist in the game, and that he and Lucia would be a modernized Bonnie and Clyde, going on a criminal spree through the streets of Leonida.

This was confirmed in several sequences of the trailer, where Lucia and Jason commit various robberies and get involved in a high-speed car chase, expected moments in a Grand Theft Auto title.

Lucia can be heard in a voice-over telling Jason that the only way for both of them to get out of the situation they’re in is by “staying together and being a team,” suggesting that she is the driving force in these criminal adventures, and any moral framework she employs largely revolves around trust.

Something has motivated them to return to a life of crime

However, the trailer doesn’t suggest what the “situation” is that pushes them back into a life of crime. It’s possible that the failed job that led to Lucia’s arrest before the GTA 6 story could have angered a member of an established criminal organization from one of the other titles based in Vice City, such as the Cubans, the Haitians, the Vercetti Crime Family, or even the Vice City Bikers, as bikers can be seen in the GTA 6 trailer images.

Therefore, Lucia and Jason might be trying to get enough money to settle their debts and escape from Leonida. Alternatively, the two could simply be trying to get enough money to leave the city and retire somewhere.

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Previous rumors suggested that Lucia and Jason might already have a small child, which would be a first in the Grand Theft Auto series. This would undoubtedly give them a strong incentive to leave their past lives behind and raise their child away from their criminal activities after pulling off one last big job.

Unfortunately, if Rockstar decides to replicate the story of Bonnie and Clyde with Lucia and Jason in GTA 6, this adventure could be doomed to failure, as Bonnie and Clyde were real-life criminals who were fatally shot by FBI agents in an ambush in 1934.

While two of the endings in Grand Theft Auto 5 resulted in the death of one of its protagonists – Michael or Trevor – the canonical ending, Deathwish, saw all three protagonists survive. Therefore, it would be a first in the longstanding franchise if Rockstar were to give their two playable characters such a brutal ending in Grand Theft Auto 6.

An undeniable criminal past

The Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer begins with Lucia imprisoned in one of Leonida’s prisons. When a staff member asks her why she’s there, she casually shrugs, saying, “Bad luck, I guess,” suggesting she has a relaxed attitude toward crime, something typical of a Grand Theft Auto protagonist.

This sequence indicates that the GTA 6 storyline won’t focus on her first foray into crime and implies that she might return to her criminal exploits with her established connections and experience.

If that’s the case, GTA 6 might have an opening sequence similar to its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto 5, where a heist gone wrong is shown years before the main story of the game. While in that game, Michael De Santa struck a deal with the Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) and moved to Los Santos, things could go very differently for Lucia, leading to her arrest.

Lucia also appears to wear an ankle monitor in the first promotional art of GTA 6, suggesting that her parole could have a significant impact on her story and movements, potentially being the reason she cannot leave Leonida.

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