This is what people search about you on Google

This is what people search about you on Google

If you think social media gives away everything about your day-to-day life, it’s got nothing on Google. Thanks to the autocomplete in Google’s search bar, we’ve got a great idea of what’s really bothering you. 

The folks at Makeuseof created a list of the most popular searches, so here we go: this is what people search about you on Google. (Spoiler: Everyone seems to be wildly insecure.)

Why does my boss hate me?

Does your boss really hate you or does it only seem that way? Either way, millions of workers are trying to get to the bottom of that problem with Google searches. (You’re probably better off asking your boss directly, BTW.)

Given the popularity of this search, maybe all you bosses out there should do a little more to show some love to your workers. Or at the very least, swing by their desk to announce calmly, “David, I don’t hate you,” and then walk away.

Why do my employees keep quitting?

Alright, boss, maybe all your employees quit because they think you hate them. Or maybe it’s the fact that you expect them to answer their emails from you while they’re on vacation. Or maybe it’s something else. Whatever the case, tons of managers are trying to figure out why their employees are jumping ship.

Interestingly, right after supervisors Google why employees leave, they also search “Why do my employees hate me?” Seriously, unless Bob Davis searches Google and finds a blog called Why We (Bob Davis’ Employees) Hate Bob Davis, ol’ Bob is likely to remain in the dark. Try talking to your workers, Bob. They probably have a lot to share.

Why does my wife hate me?

Oh, you thought marriage was going to be easy? “Why does my wife hate me?” or “Why does my wife ignore me?” are the two most repeated searches when one puts “Why my wife…” into Google.

We should note that the fifth result to this question is “Why does my wife love me?” Don’t try to figure out why, amigo. Just be thankful she does. Buy her flowers and give her a back rub.

Why does my husband hate me?

You had to know this was coming. Women’s first query is “Why does my husband hate me?” The second most popular question? “Why does my husband watch porn?” Probably for the same reason he drinks beer and watches football. He’s a man. Men like certain things. 

Why does my dad hate me?

Bosses, husbands, wives… but kids? Kids and teens search Google for “Why does my dad hate me?” And if that doesn’t rip your heart out, we don’t know what will. C’mon, dads, take a page out of Field of Dreams and go play catch. Your kids need some love.

In fact, the second result is “Why doesn’t my dad love me?” and the third is the worst of all: “Why does my dad hit me?” (The searches about mothers are exactly the same. Ouch.)

Why does my kid hate me?

Parents worldwide also worry about their kids, and Google searches reflect that. Without going into detail, parents ask why their sons and daughters hate them. Also, we find the third search pretty funny: “Why does my kid fall asleep while walking?” The answer is obvious: So you can film them and put it on YouTube.

After reading this list, it seems like a lot of people are worried about virtually every relationship in their lives. Google might give you some hints, but you’re probably better off having a conversation and spending some quality time with the people you love.

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