Threads is working on allowing you to delete your account without also deleting your Instagram account

Threads is working on allowing you to delete your account without also deleting your Instagram account
Daniel García

Daniel García

Threads is one of the applications that has generated the most anticipation in 2023, but from the beginning, it faced serious issues. One of these problems is the inability to delete our Threads account without also deleting Instagram. However, it seems that this will change soon because they are already working on allowing users to delete their Microblogging profile without deleting the linked Instagram account.

This issue arose due to the design decision to create Threads as an offshoot of Instagram, mainly to provide users with a more established community of followers and followings from the outset. However, many people resisted creating a Threads account knowing that they couldn’t delete it independently.

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Deleting Threads without affecting Instagram

This is how a Twitter user has shown it, sharing leaked images of what Threads’ interface would look like when the option to delete the account works independently of Instagram. However, users will also need to think twice before deciding to delete their account because doing so will require a minimum of 120 days, equivalent to 4 months, without being able to create a new Threads account linked to the same Instagram profile.

This option will be available in the Threads account settings, where users can choose to temporarily deactivate their account, or permanently delete it. Deactivating the account would not have a time penalty, but permanent deletion would entail the previously mentioned 120-day waiting period.

And Europe, when?

The arrival of Threads in Europe is still pending formalization.

Unfortunately, Threads’ short-term intentions regarding Europe have not yet been revealed. Threads is not allowed to operate in the European Union due to non-compliance with privacy regulations in the region. Until it modifies its policies to align with European requirements, it will not be permitted to operate in any EU country.

This has led to its debut, while initially successful, being followed by an immediate decline in traffic, engagement, and registrations. Due to limited functionalities, the lack of regions where it can offer services, and unpopular policies such as requiring the deletion of the Instagram profile to delete Threads, Meta has started making changes to this last requirement. It remains to be seen what the next improvements will be.

Daniel García

Daniel García

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