Time waster: A Lunar Lander remake with level editor

Time waster: A Lunar Lander remake with level editor

Any videogame fan in their thirties will remember Lunar Lander, a very simple game from the late 70s in which you had to safely land a tiny spaceship on lunar terrain, by controlling the amount of throttle as accurately as possible. Super PerfectoProp takes this same idea and recreates the classic arcade in a new, revamped version with new features.

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Super PerfectoProp also challenges you to make a perfect landing, though this time you controll a weird-looking guy with propellers instead of a spaceship. Also, there are more obstacles besides gravity: sharks waiting for you at the bottom of the screen, power lines that will electrocute you as soon as you touch them and more. This means that you have to be really careful when controlling your propellers and giving full power to them.

has several difficulty levels, including a training area that will help you get used to controls. Also, the game lets you create your own customized levels with an easy level editor, a feature you don’t usually find in online games.

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