Tip: Disable extensions update security in Firefox

Tip: Disable extensions update security in Firefox

Extensions are probably the main reason why I use Firefox for my daily web browsing. I honestly couldn’t see myself living without All-In-One Gestures, Flashblock or the del.icio.us extension. Most of these can be downloaded from the Mozilla addons site, but every now and then you come across an extension that hasn’t made it onto the official Firefox site. The trouble is, with increased security in the upcoming Firefox 3, automatic updates for those extensions that don’t come from the Mozilla addons site might not be supported. Rest assured though, there’s an easy way to go around this protection.

Type about:config in your URL address bar and press enter. This will display a list of all values and configuration files for your Firefox in your browser window. Next, right click and select New>Boolean (just like you see below).

Creating the new key

This will open up a pop up window, into which you’ll have to type extensions.checkUpdateSecurity. Select False and press Ok.

Key value

With this done, you should have no trouble updating any Mozilla extension. However try not messing around with this feature too much though as it can open up a security breach in your browser.

[Via: Cybernet]

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