Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download FlyPaperWindows: Say you’d like to create a Flash presentation with your photos but you don’t know anything about Flash. Your best option is then downloading FlyPaper, with which you’ll be able to design your own Flash presentations featuring photos, videos, background music and transition effects… and much easier than working with Flash!

ConversationMac: Conversation is a lesser known yet good alternative chat client. With a colorful and rounded interface, Conversation 2.14 is a great choice for first time users. It includes the typical emoticons, customizable user page and lets you share files with other users. If you have a little more knowledge you’ll also find XDCC and MP3 support.

Replicate the iPhone audio player on your Pocket PCPocket PC: One of the main problems in my life at the moment is that I keep seeing more and more people on the street listening to their iPod Touch or iPhone. That in itself is not the problem, of course. The problem is I don’t have one. Luckily though, I stumbled across S2P, which allows you to replicate the iPhone/iPod Touch audio player on your Pocket PC.

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