Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Elena Santos


Download UltimateDefragWindows: Defragmenting is something you need to do from time to time if you want to keep your hard drive in good shape, so you’d better count on a reliable tool like UltimateDefrag. This efficient, flexible defrag tool will help you defragmenting your hard drive and improving its performance. It’s easy to use, fast and lets you choose which areas to defrag.

CaminoMac: Among with Firefox and Safari, Camino makes for an excellent browser for Mac users. Built on the same rendering engine as Firefox, Camino is very lightweight yet at the same time highly secure. It offers a sleek interface, seamless Keychain support and a fully customizable search box. The browser has been getting more regular updates recently, making it a safe choice as your main browser.

Perform translations on the goPocket PC: If you’ve ever used Babylon on your desktop PC, then you’ll know exactly how powerful it is for translating text and web pages. Now the app is available in pocket format in the shape of Babylon Mobile Edition. The program supports translations between more than 20 languages and boasts a very simple interface.

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